Romance Languages

Approximately 850 million people worldwide speak a romance language. Within the language family there are many grammatical similarities, such as recognisable vocabulary. At the Language Teaching Centre SLI you can learn or improve Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian.

If you have any questions, please contact us before registering:

Rosanna Pedretti

Rosanna Pedretti
Director of Studies
Tel. +49 761 203-3273

Room 01 006, 1st floor

Office hour:
For the time being, we can only respond to e-mail


Language Tests and Certificates

We offer detailed information and advice on CILS, DELF/DALF and DELE tests. Additionally, you can do the DAAD-Assessment tests here.


Further language course offers at the University of Freiburg

The Catalan courses at the Romanisches Seminar are open to the public. Please find all information here: Ms Olivella is happy to answer your questions:

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