DAAD Proof of Language Skills

DAAD-Sprachnachweis (Proof of Language Skills)

Do you wish to have the language level that is recorded on your Abitur certificate (not older than two years) transferred to the "DAAD-Sprachnachweis" form?
In this case, please submit the original certificate or an officially certified copy at the Information Desk on the ground floor of the SLI, Universitätsstr 5, info@sli.uni-freiburg.de. The opening times can be found here. Please pay the charge of 10,- € via EC or credit card.

Following skills are examined for the certificate:

  • Listening

  • Writing

  • Reading comprehension

  • Speaking

The first three skills can non-committally assessed in the self-learning center of the language laboratory (SL 3+4, KG I, Room 1030) with the help of the diagnostic language test DIALANG.

You can take this test the SL's opening hours without registering beforehand.

To do so, please bring your student ID to the language lab supervisor. He or she then confirms your results on the corresponding form. Please pay the examination fee by debit or credit card.

Since it is an online test, the results won't be saved. If you are looking for a mandatory assessment of all language skills please register with

French Rosanna Pedretti
Italian Rosanna Pedretti
Portuguese Nilva Schächer
Spanish Rosanna Pedretti


Bring a printed version of the DAAD form and the receipt (proof of payment) to the scheduled appointment.

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