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The Language Teaching Centre (SLI) of Freiburg University offers intensive German language courses for university staff from Erasmus+ countries.

Please Note: The intensive language courses are not part of the Erasmus+ staff exchange for teachers. All staff members of Erasmus+ countries universities are eligible to apply.

The courses are open to all professionals seeking to improve their German language skills.

 Course offer









  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday


4 units à 45 min. per day

German language training German language training German language training German language training German language training Departure day*
14:00 - 16:00 Welcome Kaffee und Kuchen City + Museum Tour Accompanying Programme (t.b.a.)* Tour of the University of Freiburg, its faculties and institutions Accompanying Programme (t.b.a.)*  


*we can offer further information on trips around Freiburg and the region, as well as recommendations for the evening programme.


Flyer of the Staff Week - German Language Training "here"

Course fee


  • 350€/week


   If two consecutive courses are booked, there is a reduction of 100€ for the follow up course.


   Minimum number of participants per course: 5

The course fee includes the teaching material, a getting-to-know meeting with "Kaffee und Kuchen", tours through Freiburg's city, museums, the University and its institutions.

Half-day exursions outside of Freiburg and evening programme are not included in the course fee.


Please note: As soon as the minimum number of participants has benn reached, you will receive a written course confirmation from the organiser.

Please note: If the minimum number of participants is not reached, the course can still be cancelled up to 3 weeks before the beginning. In this case, the course fees you have already paid will of course be refunded




Is not included


Rosanna Pedretti

Rosanna Pedretti

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