Advisory Board

The advisory board of the Language Teaching Centre SLI consists of lecturers from the Philological Faculty as well as other faculties. This guarantees that the teaching of languages in subjects that do not belong to the SLI’s “home faculty” is represented in the advisory board. The advisory board also consists of the scientific service, other university employees, the student body and the equal opportunities officer. The task of the advisory board is to observe and discuss the activities of the SLI, to accompany the SLI board in its work with suggestions and thus to promote the SLI in its development.

Text: Dr. Stefan Faller, Chairman


Dr. Stefan Faller


Prof. Dr.  Wolfgang Hochbruck
(Vice Chairman)


Prof. Dr. Michaela Holdenried
(Equal Opportunities Officer)


Prof. Dr. Daniel Jacob


Prof. Dr. Gabrielle Oberhänsli-Widmer


Prof. Dr. Regine Pruzsinszky


Prof. Dr. Achim Rabus


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Soergel


Dr. Rebecca Davies


Stephan Baake


Silvia Berigüete Pastor


Justus Klein



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