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OOPT - Oxford Online Placement Test

What is OOPT?

The OOPT system reports each student’s status on a continuous numerical scale. It is a very reliable tool for placing students in courses at the optimal level.

It is a test of communicative English, not of written or Academic English.  

Some institutions may accept these test scores for their entrance requirements, especially at B2 level, but you should enquire first.


OOPT Numerical Scale


Level Score Range
Course Level
<A1 0 Beginner
A1 1-19 Beginner
A2 20-39 Elementary
B1.1 40-50 Pre-Intermediate
B1.2 51-59 Intermediate
B2 60-79 Upper-Intermediate
C1 80-99 Advanced
C2 >100 Proficiency


Thus, if a student is reported to have a score of 61 it means that they are judged to have reached a very low Level B2. A score of 71 would indicate a student is comfortably in Level B2.

How to Arrange for an Appointment?

  • Please pay the fee in the secretary’s office at the SLI (Universitätsstr. 5).
  • Make sure to bring some kind of identification (e.g. Personalausweis).
  • You will receive a code and can then take the test in the language laboratory.
  • If necessary, we can print out a certificate with your scores after you have taken the test.


Oxford Online Placement Test  -  ONLY available to students from one of the following institutions in Freiburg: Uni, PH, EFH,KFH, Musikhochschule and students of the EUCOR-project.
Please present your UniCard upon registration.


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