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The inventory of learning resources is listed in our database in the self-study area (Learning labs 3 and 4), on the “M: Media” hard drive. Additionally, the data is currently being included in the UB catalogue. In order to find the media available in the language lab 3 library in this catalogue, use the search string “Standort Sprachlabor 3” and add the German term for the language you are interested in (e.g. “Standort Sprachlabor 3 Spanisch”). Our database on the “M: Media” drive offers a short description of each book, its structure, contents, covered proficiency levels as well as additional available materials.



Below you can find a list of languages for which there are resources available in the language lab 3 library. Each language is labelled by an abbreviation.

CChineseGrGreekKreCreoleRät RomanshUgHungarian
DGermanHd HindiKymWelshR Russian  
EspEsperantoIn IndonesianManManxSwSwedish  
FärFaroeseIs IcelandicNl DutchSSpanish  
FiFinnishI ItalianNo NorwegianSwa Swahili  


Shelf Marks

Our catalogue system helps you find the right resource. It provides information about the type of material and competences that stand in focus. The shelf mark is the key feature to choosing and borrowing the right resource. It consists of an abbreviated denomination of the language and further numbers and letters; the first number denotes the type of resource (language course for beginners/advanced learners, grammar book, phonology handbook, listening comprehension etc.).

Here are some examples showing how to understand a shelf mark.

Language Abbrevation
CategorySequence Number
D10 /
4,1,Kurs(Tangram aktuell 1)
D20 /3a,B2,Arbe(Mittelpunkt neu B2)
   (Phonetik aktuell)



And here you may see which type of resource is represented by which number 

Shelf mark begins with ...Category
10Course books for beginners or all levels
15Self-teaching materials for beginners or all levels
20Course books for intermediate and advanced learners
25Self-teaching materials for intermediate and advanced learners
30Grammar books for beginners or for all levels
40Grammar books for intermediate and advanced learners
47Communicative competence
55Speaking skills, oral expression
60Listening skills; audio books
65Reading skills, reading material
67Writing skills; vocabulary
70Language for special purposes (LSP)
71LSP: natural sciences, technology
72LSP: economy, finance, law
75German for professional purposes
80Culture, life and institutions, entertainment, literature
90Practising for language tests


For further information on resources and shelf marks, please turn to a member of the staff at the main desk in language lab 3.


Rosanna Pedretti

Rosanna Pedretti
Language Laboratory

Tel: (+49) 0761 203-3273


Office hours:
Thur, 11:00 - 13:00 h
SLI, Universitätstr. 5
1. OG - Room 01 007


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