Self-Study Area

What is the Self-Study Area?

The self-study area in room 1030 (KG I) is a learning area where you have the chance to learn and practise a language independently. The self-study area encompasses 24 workstations equipped with a computer, a headset and a microphone.

Please find the opening times and the site plan here.


Who has Access to the Self-Study Area?

  • Members (students, staff, auditors) of Freiburg University,  the Academy of Music, Freiburg Protestant University of Applied Science, and Freiburg University of Education
  • Participants of German language courses at the SLI
  • Participants of the Summer and Winter University and DAAD courses
  • Students from the “Frankreich-Zentrum”
  • Students from the “Sprachenkolleg Freiburg”

In order for you to have access to the self-study area you will be required to show the member of the staff at the reception desk your Uni-Card, your auditor card or any evidence of your student/staff member status at one of the above-mentioned institutions.


What Resources are Available?

In Language lab 3 you will find a library with books for some 45 languages. Audio files as well as CD-ROMs and DVDs will be available to you for studying purposes. Please note that the library in language lab 3 is a mere reference library, i.e. books and further media can only be used within the language labs 3 and 4; you will be not allowed to either make copies of or borrow them.

Here you can see which languages you may find learning materials for and how to read a shelf mark. All media are to be borrowed at the language lab 3 main desk. You will need to tell the member of staff the title and the shelf mark of the resource you would like to borrow.

In addition, you have the opportunity to take the DIALANG test in the language lab, which will give you the chance to learn your language level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


What can I do in the Self-Study Area?

The self-study area offers a number of services. Our learning resources represent a valid support for language training, preparation for language tests, improving your pronunciation or tailored grammar practice. Below you will find a list of useful suggestions.
If you are attending a language course at the university, you might want to use the self-study area for the following purposes:

  • If your language teacher has assigned you any exercises or has prepared a folder with exercises for your learning group, you may practise with them.
  • If your language teacher has not prepared exercises for you, you may, among other things:
  • practise language topics you do not feel confident with,
  • train language skills (listening  and reading comprehension, writing, speaking) selectively, according to your needs,
  • broaden your horizons and go deeper into the language you are learning thanks to the additional learning resources you can find in the library.
  • We recommend that you set a learning plan for each study session, i.e. “Today I would like to improve my listening skills”, “Today I would like to practise one chapter from the grammar book again”, “Today I would like to work on some pronunciation features that represent a hindrance for me”.
  • Before leaving, check if you have reached your daily goal and note it down. By doing so, you will have your personal learning log by the end of the semester!


If you are not attending a language course:

  • We recommend that you set one or more learning plans. Try to ascertain what you would like to practice: one of the language skills? Some pronunciation features? One chapter from the grammar book? Or would you like to practise for a language test?
  • Then look into the library catalogue and choose the learning resource that matches your needs. We suggest that you compare several resources and work with the ones that suits you the best.
  • Before leaving, check if you have reached your daily goal and note it down. By doing so, you will have your personal learning log by the end of the semester!



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