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E-Learning-Ressourcen - Unterrichten auf Englisch

Teaching in English E-learning Resources

These e-modules look at a range of communicative strategies and explicit language use for English-taught classes with the multilingual, multicultural classroom. The resources have been created so that teachers can autonomously gain insights into and reflect on communicative skills for English-taught content courses. Implementing these strategies and language help reduce the students' cognitive load when learning new content in a foreign language.

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Teaching in English - Macro-factors for lecturing

This e-module addresses lecture design factors such as structure and SMART learning objectives to reduce students’ cognitive load when learning content in a foreign language. 

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Teaching in English - Micro-factors for lecturing

This e-module addresses micro-level linguistic features such as signposts and clear questions to help students better follow your line of thought during a lecture.

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Teaching in English - Initiating student input

This e-module addresses activation methods in English-taught classes. The resources focus on guiding questions and practical tips for planning methods in the multicultural classroom as well as specific steps and language to set up in-class tasks.

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Teaching in English - Responding to and integrating student input

This e-module addresses student interaction in English-taught classes with a multilingual, multicultural class. The resources focus on strategies for handling student input, giving brief feedback, integrating large classes and handling instances of clarification.

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Teaching in English - Prosody to enhance meaning and effect

This e-module looks at the notion of “it’s not what you say, but HOW you say it”. The resources focus on emphasis, pausing and intonation and how these can enhance meaning and ‘effect’.

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Do you speak Denglish or English?

This e-module addresses typical errors German speakers make in English. In particular, the module focuses on Germanisms in vocabulary, pronunciation, and idiomatic language which can temporarily inhibit comprehension of English.

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Writing Skills for Teaching in English

This e-learning resource addresses five topics: teaching statements, catchy course descriptions. Transparent syllabi, handouts/exercise sheets, and written feedback for students. Participants can electronically submit pieces of teaching-related writing and receive constructive feedback on language clarity and accuracy.

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