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FAQ - Information on Course Registration



Everyone who has reached the age of 17 can participate in language courses (-G) at the SLI.

The free of charge German language courses (-P) are only available to international exchange students from university partner programmes (Global Exchange, AYF, IES, ERASMUS, faculty partnership).


You can register for all courses online via Reservix. You can find the link through the respective language course in our course programme.

  • Click on the link » Dozent:in, Inhalte, Lehrmaterial, Leistungsnachweise, ECTS, Raum to access Campus Management_HISinOne. You will find the course description as well as information about course-specific requirements and course material.
  • When you click on the link » Anmeldung, you will be brought to the Reservix page, where you can register for your desired course. 
  • After registering you can print out a ticket with the course information. The ticket is also your registration confirmation. The ticket has to be brought to all course sessions and has to be presented to the teacher upon request. Otherwise, the teacher can exclude you from class.

Please note that registering for a SLI language course "-G" is binding and you are obliged to pay the course fee.
Cancellations have to be made in written form to info@sli.uni-freiburg.de! Please note our terms of cancellation

Registration for the courses in the summer semester starts in March. Registration for the courses in the winter semester starts in September. Please register in time before the courses start.


The course fees must be paid immediately after registering. Please transfer the fee to the bank account specified in the registration confirmation you receive when registering. Please state the number specified in the confirmation in your transfer order (reason for transfer/Verwendungszweck) so we can match your payment.

Registering in person at the information desk is only permitted in exceptional cases. If you need to register in person, payment is only possible with an EC or credit card. You cannot pay in cash or in installments.

Note: Foreign students who receive financial aid from the MWK BaWü, DAAD or another non-profit institution can apply for a fee reduction. The applicant has to present proper certificates to the offices of the SLI one week after registering

Do you have a voucher for international students? Please follow the instructions HERE.


All courses indicated by (-G) are subject to charges. Course fees are based on the number of teaching units per week (Semesterwochenstunden/SWS). One SWS corresponds to 45 minutes.

Table of Fees
 > click to download as .pdf <


All requests have to be made in writing (info@sli.uni-freiburg.de).

Your course fee can be reimbursed only if you cancel before the course begins. If you cancel after this date, reimbursement will only be possible if your place can be taken by someone on the waiting list.

If your registration is cancelled we will refund the fee deducting a 5,- € handling charge.

Please note that not participating in the course does not discharge you from your obligation to pay. Please contact us if you realise that you cannot participate in a course. We will try to help you to the best of our ability!


If you have booked a course you cannot attend we will try to find another course for you. Please come to the SLI information desk after the 2nd session at the latest or contact us by e-mail: info@sli.uni-freiburg.de

We will not refund the course fee when you transfer to another course. If you transfer to a more expensive course we will charge the difference. Transfers are only possible within one semester. 

Please make sure that you choose the right course level by assessing your language profiency before registering.
If you need advice regarding your language level, please do not hesitate to contact us.


All courses are orientated towards the European Framework for Languages. The courses' respective language level can be found in the course description.


Niveaustufen / Language Levels

> click to download as .pdf <


What if I do not know my language level?

The Language Laboratory offers a free, computer-based placement test (DIALANG). Just ask at the self-learning centre of the Language Laboratory (KG I, room 1032). For the European language levels Self Assessment Grid please click here.

If there are no placement tests for you language of choice, please do not hesitate to contact the SLI office.


You receive a certificate of attendance if you attended the course regularly and did not miss more than a certain amount of classes. You need to successfully complete the course specific requirements in order to receive a graded certificate ("Schein").

In order to find detailed information about specific course requirements regarding the awarding of ECTS points, grades, and graded certificates, click on the link » Dozent_in, Inhalte, Lehrmaterial, Leistungsnachweise, ECTS, Raum in our course programme or go directly to the course description in the Campus management/HISinOne course directory.

All certificates can be picked up in the information desk at SLI (ground floor) approximately two weeks after the semester ends. The SLI is not obliged to keep your certificate longer than six months. Please collect it in time.

Please note: The Language Teaching Centre (SLI) only provides certificates which state the number of ECTS points achieved. In order to have the ECTS points be officially recognised for your studies, you must bring the certificate to the responsible Prüfungsamt.


Some of the so called "-G" semester courses can be counted as a Studienleistung in the external BOK-area since the 2011 summer semester.
You can find an overview of the BOK "foreign languages" at the ZfS here.

Claiming ECTS-Credits for a Bachelor’s Degree:

B.A. students: show your language certificates to the: Gemeinsame Kommission/Frau Ehinger: Post (Werthmannstr. 8/Rückgebäude, 79085 Freiburg)
B.Sc. students: bring your certificates to the ZfS (Universitätsstr. 9, 1. OG).

If you do not know whether your course can be claimed for your Bachelor’s degree, please ask at the Zentrum für Schlüsselqualifikationen (ZfS).

Intensive courses during the semester break cannot be registered as a Studienleistung in the external BOK module.


If you have further questions regarding the course format, etc. please refer to the person responsible. You can find the contact details for the language you wish to learn in the course programme. Please redirect questions regarding administrative problems to the information desk.


University of Freiburg
Language teaching Centre (SLI)
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79098 Freiburg


Tel:  +49 761 203-3224
Fax: +49 761 203-3516


Please visit our FAQ-Information on Course Registration
before registering.





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