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Intensive Courses

Summer and Winter University

The SLI offers intensive courses in February, March, July, August and September, which not only give participants language classes but also provide the opportunity to take part in tutorials and seminars in the afternoon. We also organize an extensive leisure and social programme.

These intensive German language courses run during the instruction free period of the University term and are suitable for students of all subjects. Career orientated language courses, such as German for Business and Economics, German for the Tourist Industry, Medical German, German for Natural Sciences and Engineering are offered in August and September, as well as Training for German Language Teachers in August. The instruction amounts to 20 hours per week every morning from Monday to Friday. All courses offer a comprehensive language laboratory and seminar programme in the afternoons, as well as a variety of extra curricular activities.

You can find further information here:
Summer and Winter University - February, March, July, August, September



DSH Intensive Preparation Course

We also offer 2-week intensive preparation courses for the DSH-examinations in spring and autumn.

For further information, as well as registration, please visit our DSH page.



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