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Language Advisory Service

What is the Language Advisory Service?

The language advisory service offers consulting support for students interested in independent language learning.
If you wish to learn a language on your own, but are not sure how to structure your learning path effectively and which learning resources may be relevant to you, then the language advisory service may be the right choice for you! Since language advising implies independent learning, you will have to manage your own learning time by yourself; however, you can regularly consult your advisor if you feel that you need their help.


Who has Access to the Language Advisory Service?

The offer of the language advisory service is open to all members (student, staff) of the University of Freiburg as well as of other colleges and universities in Freiburg.

The language advisory service may be an option for you to take into account if, for example, on of the following applies to you:

  • the University of Freiburg does not offer a course in the language you want to learn;
  • you cannot find a suitable course for your proficiency level;
  • the language course you signed up for had to be cancelled due to a low number of participants;
  • you cannot take part in the language course suitable for your proficiency level because the time does not suit you;
  • you plan a stay abroad and want to refresh the language of your destination or learn it intensively.

Feel free to contact us and tell us about your needs. We will try to find a way to help you!


We can Advise you on the Following Languages:


  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Italian


How does Language Advising Work?

Here is a short description of a typical procedure. This should allow you to get an intial impression of how the language advisory service works.

  1. You can tell us about your needs and requests during a preliminary interview; the advisors will introduce you to the language advisory service and answer your questions during this meeting as well.
  2. If you decide to receive language learning advising, you will be sent a number of forms via e-mail, which you should fill in carefully. Your advisor will need any relevant information to issue an initial assessment of your skills and to better understand your needs and goals in language learning.
  3. During your first advisory meeting, you will discuss the results of the initial assessment with your advisors; then, they will show you the learning resources they have prepared for you and explain how to use them appropriately. You will also receive some advice concerning learning strategies and the optimisation of your learning process. In order to document your progress, we recommend that you set a learning plan at the beginning and that you keep a learning log.
  4. After your first advisory meeting, you will sign a learning contract. In this contract you will commit to reaching a certain goal within a given period of time. The contract may include information about how much time you will have to spend learning in the self-study area and /or at home, as well as which conditions you should meet in order to receive ECTS credit points.
  5. Further advisory meetings will take place upon request. These will mainly focus on learning strategies rather than on the language itself: language learning advising is not a substitute for a language course. Should you be interested in a consultation focusing on specific language related topics, you may arrange a meeting with a so called peer-advisor, who is either a native speaker or a proficient learner of the language you are learning. He or she will answer your questions on language-related topics and help you progress further.
  6. At the end you may take a written and oral language test by your own choice in order to ascertain the proficiency level you have reached. This test is compulsory if you want to receive ECTS credit points.



How Much Does it Cost?

The language advisory service is free of charge.


How Many Participants Can Receive Language Advisory Service?

As a general rule, the language advisory service is offered for the length of a semester; up to 10 participants can be supported each term.


Can I register for the Language Advisory Service?

If you are interested in the language advisory service, you may fill in a non-binding registration form, which will be handed to you in language lab 3 (KG I, room 1030). Fill it in and send it to one of the advisors; they will come back to you as soon as possible..


Further Questions?

If you have any further questions, you can contact the advisors via e-mail, or come and see them during their respective office hours.


University of Freiburg
Language Teaching Centre (SLI)
Universitätsstraße 5
79098 Freiburg

Rosanna Pedretti

Rosanna Pedretti
Director of Studies
Language Learning Advising

Tel: +49 0761 203-3273
Fax: +49 0761 203-3516


Office hours:
Wed, 09:00 - 12:00 h
SLI building, Universitätsstraße 5
1st floor, room 01 007

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