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Teaching Laboratories

In the teaching laboratories with the language laboratories 1+2 (SL 1+2) in the basement rooms of the lecture hall annexe building KG 3 (room K3043+K3042), practical language courses take place, for which 30 computer work places in each of the two language laboratories are available.

Information on these practical language exercises is to be found in the departments where they take place, or from the respective instructors. We provide teaching material and technical equipment to the philological departments for the language laboratory instruction. In addition, we offer the instructors support in the didactical application of teaching technology and in the production of teaching materials, as well as in the implementation of language tests.

  • WE file and document audio-based teaching material for language laboratory instruction in more than 50 languages.
  • WE familiarize the instructors with how to make optimal use of the didactical possibilities of the language laboratories and how to deal with their technical operation.
  • WE support the instructors in the production of audio-based teaching material with regard to the didactical composition and technical implementation. In our recording studio we are able to produce speech recordings of a very high quality.
  • WE record programmes from the radio (cable or satellite), television (cable or satellite) or internet radio for use in practical language classes.
  • WE take over the copying work of any sound and video cassettes, CDs and DVDs that are related to class.
  • WE support the instructors in the preparation (production of master test cassettes) and implementation of language tests.

During the instruction free period of the University term in March, August and September, practical language exercises for the International Language Courses of the Language Teaching Institute take place in language laboratories 1+2.

Contact person for the Instruction Unit
Head of Department  
Rosanna Pedretti

Last updated: 12.10.2005

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