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Services for language instructors

We offer the following services to language instructors with regard to the practical instruction of foreign languages in the language laboratories 1 and 2 (SL 1+2):

Introduction to language laboratory technology

We introduce new instructors to the utilisation possibilities and operation of the language laboratory technology. We offer a time slot for this introduction before the beginning of each semester, or otherwise it is also possible to arrange a special appointment in consultation with the language laboratory administration.  We offer a „refresher course“ as well to instructors who already have experience in dealing with the language laboratory.

Class schedule SL 1 and SL 2

The allocation of SL 1+2 for foreign language instruction which takes place regularly and relies on the use of language laboratory technology is planned each semester and is carried out by the language laboratory administration. Usually the allocation times are taken over from the semester before. Allocation times which deviate from this, allocation slots which are no longer needed and any changes during the semester should be conveyed immediately so that these hours can be passed on to someone else.

Single language laboratory reservations

Accordingly the language laboratory is also available for single use, e.g. for language tests or the presentation of AV materials, if there are hours during which it is not in use during the instruction period of the University. These hours for single reservations are noted on the class schedule with language laboratory (without a name) and can be reserved directly with the supervisors of the language laboratory SL 1+2 (Tel. 2015).

If a single requirement should clash with a language laboratory class that has already been planned, then the instructors involved are expected to sort the matter out directly amongst themselves and subsequently inform the language laboratory administration of this change.

Recording studio

High quality language recordings for use in practical language classes can be produced in our recording studio. The studio can be reserved with the language laboratory supervisors of SL 1+2 (Tel. 2015). The technical support of a language laboratory student assistant can only be guaranteed if notice is given in good time.

Audio and video recordings

We record programmes from the radio (cable or satellite), television (cable or satellite) or internet radio according to the specifications of the orderer (broadcast station, day, time).

Language test

Appointments for a language test (usually in SL 2) need to be arranged with the language laboratory administration at least two weeks before the required date. This is the only way we can guarantee that the laboratory technology has been thoroughly checked, and plus we also need to prepare the test cassettes in advance (the cassettes for every day use that are inserted in the recorders are not cassettes for tests!)


Autonomous study as a supplement to practical language classes

The material taught in the Instruction Department (SL 1+2) can be intensified and supplemented by learning in the Autonomous Learning Unit (SL 3+4).
Any form of learning requires the learner to take part in learning activities outside the classroom. The classic form is to set essays – essays are the paradigm of autonomous learning. Independent learning in the Autonomous Learning Unit SL 3+4 can also be used by the instructors as a support for language classes. In a similar way to essays, autonomous learning can be utilised to supplement and intensify the class hours, as well as for preparation and practice. It is also possible to arrange for autonomous learning to become part of a language course by controlling regular attendance (= registration with the supervisors of the language laboratory in SL 3+4). In this way a mandatory supplementary hour per week may be accepted as qualitative work performance and included in the allocation of ECTS points.
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