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DAAD assessment/Englisch-Sprachzeugnis


What is the DAAD assessment?


Please note that the DAAD “test” is not an internationally recognised exam. It takes the form of a half-hour interview with reading and writing components. After the interview the assessor will fill in the “DAAD form” for you. The aim of the DAAD assessment is to screen students who will be going abroad for work placements or internships or for short-term university exchanges.

The assessments are conducted by the lectors (LektorInnen) of the English Seminar.

How to arrange for an appointment


1)     Please schedule an appointment for your assessment and pay the fee in the secretary’s office at the SLI (Universitätsstr. 5 | 79098 Freiburg | Mon - Fri: 10.00 - 13.00 ).

2)     Download the DAAD form (language certificate).

3)     Bring a printed out version of the DAAD form AND the receipt (proof of payment) to the scheduled appointment.


DAAD assessment (all languages) - ONLY available to students from one of the following institutions in Freiburg: Uni, PH, EFH,KFH, Musikhochschule. Please present your Unicard upon registration.

Phone:  0049 761 203 3224
Fax: 0049 761 203 3516

Sprachlehrinstitut der Philologischen Fakultät der Albert-Ludwigs Universität Freiburg
Universitätstr. 5
79098 Freiburg

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