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Services and staff


The „SprachLabor“ SL(language laboratory) offers its services for the acquisition of foreign languages in two separate departments: the Instruction Unit with the language laboratories 1+2 (SL 1+2) in the basement rooms of the lecture hall annexe building KG 3 (room K3043+K3042), the Autonomous Learning Unit with the language laboratories 3+4 (SL 3+4) in KG 1 (room 1030+1028).

The Instruction Unit is where the courses for practical language acquisition take place. In this department we familiarize the instructors with how to make optimal use of the didactical possibilities, as well as with the technical operation of the language laboratories, and support them in the production of audio-based teaching material.
In the Autonomous Learning Unit we offer students the possibility to work individually without a teacher and practise material which is either related or unrelated to class. 24  (SL 3) or respectively 10 (SL 4) computer work places are available for students to learn a language or to improve their existing knowledge. All members of the University and other related organisations are allowed to use the Autonomous Learning Unit, as are participants of the SLI language courses. All that is needed is our user card, which can be obtained from the members of staff who supervise the language laboratories (SL 3+4).

The diagnostic language test DIALANG  can be used online in SL 4 to ascertain the student’s individual foreign language level. The tandem card index of the language laboratory in SL helps with the exchange of language and culture by enabling the student to arrange a language partnership.


Head of Department

  • Rosanna Pedretti
    Responsible for the language laboratories with the Instruction Unit (language laboratory 1+2) and the Autonomous Learning Unit (language laboratory 3+4).

Student language laboratory supervision (student assistants)

  • Our student colleagues supervise the language laboratories of the Instruction Unit (SL 1+2) and the Autonomous Learning Unit (SL 3+4).
  • In the Autonomous Learning Unit the student assistants are responsible for issuing and administrating the user cards, familiarising the learner with the user rules, giving an introduction to the catalogue system of our language info store and giving initial tips on autonomous learning, as well as explaining how to operate the language laboratory. In addition, our student assistants also administrate our tandem card index.
  • In the Instruction Unit the assistants are also so familiar with the language laboratory equipment (e.g. the language teaching systems, audio and video recorders, sound studio mixer) that they can support the instructors in their operation. Alongside this they administrate the teaching materials, and record radio and television programmes for use in language laboratory classes at the wish of instructors. When language tests take place the student assistants carry out preparatory work for the execution of tests.

last updated: 18.10.2007

Phone:  0049 761 203 3224
Fax: 0049 761 203 3516

Sprachlehrinstitut der Philologischen Fakultät der Albert-Ludwigs Universität Freiburg
Universitätstr. 5
79098 Freiburg

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