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English Medium Instruction Quality Management

In line with the ongoing internationalization of higher education, more and more universities offer English-medium instruction programs. The University of Freiburg currently offers 16 degree programs which are entirely taught in English, some of them specifically geared towards an international student body. The challenges of learning and teaching in a (usually) non-native language in a multilingual, multicultural classroom are manifold. Therefore, the University of Freiburg has tasked the English Medium Instruction (EMI) team to develop a quality management system to ensure and improve the linguistic and communicative quality of teaching in English.


The English-medium instruction quality management system (EMIQM) comprises two standards: a certification of English-medium instruction competencies in English-taught degree programs and a qualification program for academic staff teaching in English.

Quality assurance: Certification of English Medium Instruction Competencies in English-taught Degree Programs

This quality assurance procedure is aimed at degree programs interested in obtaining a quality seal assuring the linguistic and communicative quality of English-medium instruction competencies in the program.
The certification procedure has three unique characteristics:
  • It takes place in an authentic setting, i.e. actual classroom observation to assess linguistic and communicative practices as they occur in a real teaching context.
  • It provides pluri-perspective feedback, i.e. combines expert, student, and lecturer feedback on observed lesson.
  • It assesses criteria specific to English-medium instruction, i.e. linguistic competencies and communicative competencies for teaching in English.


Detailed information about the certification can be found here (access for academic staff of the University of Freiburg only).


Quality improvement: Qualification program "Certified English Medium Instruction Competencies"

In today's internationalized academia, academic staff are expected to be able to teach in English. To this end, the qualification program "Certified EMI Competencies" aims to impart participants with communicative skills and best practice strategies for teaching content in English. The program comprises min. 40 hours and consists of four steps. Please note that some participants may need to have extra language training in addition to the envisaged 40 hours.
Program learning objectives:
  • Raise awareness about own linguistic and communicative strengths for the multicultural classroom
  • Recognize specific characteristics of an EMI course and how these can impact both students and teacher 
  • Identify communicative strategies and interactive methods for teaching in a foreign language with multicultural students
  • Apply strategies and methods to an authentic teaching scenario
  • Evaluate acquired knowledge and implementation of communicative strategies to teaching in English in a final reflection report


Program steps:

  • Step 1: Diagnostic assessment (classroom visit, feedback meeting, and formulation of personal learning goals) - 3 hours
  • Step 2: Training and Implementation (various training areas and formats to choose from) - 30 hours
  • Step 3: Diagnostic re-assessment (classroom visit, feedback meeting, and comparison with first visit) - 3 hours
  • Step 4: Self-reflection report - 4 hours


Detailed information about the qualification program can be found here (access for academic staff of the University of Freiburg only).



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